School Info

North Menominee County Community Schools is a consortium of: Carney-Nadeau Public Schools, Bark River-Harris Public Schools, and North Central Area Schools.

Mission statement

North Menominee County Community Schools provides quality life-long learning programs for all members of our community.

Board Members

Jason DuPont – President

Mia Smith – Vice President

Linda Corrigan – Secretary

Chris Fazer – Trustee

Kelly Plunger – Trustee

Shellie Massie – Trustee



Josh Sampson – Director – North Menominee County Community Schools

Lynn Kedsch – Adult Education/Enrichment and Recreation Coordinator, GED Examiner

Danette Hall – Administrative Assistant

Scott Meiner – Maintenance

Kent King – Phoenix Alternative High School Teacher

Jay Brand – Adult Education Teacher, Powers

James Gaffney – Adult Education Teacher, Manistique

Holly Bayerl – Adult Education Teacher, Menominee

Theresa Radandt – Adult Education Teacher, Escanaba

Elizabeth Tucker – Adult Education Teacher, Hannahville